KORCOS 2017 has ended
Welcome to the 2017 KORCOS International Education Conference at Chadwick International. Please browse the many wonderful presentations and jobalikes that are being offered and start creating your schedule. We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday, November 18.

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Kim J-Lozano

Art Teacher
Kim was born and raised in Southern California. She was hired as a graphic designer (print and web) at the age of 14 and has 18 years of graphic design experience.  She holds a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in graphic design and an M.A. in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism.   Her designs are distributed throughout 3 continents.  During university, Kim spent 2 years as a Graphic Design Teaching Assistant where she fell in love with teaching and hasn’t stopped since.  More than anything, Kim loves empowering others to take control of the digital art world and create captivating designs by themselves.

As an educator, Kim is a confidence builder and an artistic innovator who believes in the life-changing and life-shaping power of 21st century learning.  She believes every individual has a blank slate of opportunities to become more, do more, and positively impact and transform the world. In addition to the visual arts, Kim enjoys reading, dancing, and good conversation with a little bit of coffee on the side.