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Welcome to the 2017 KORCOS International Education Conference at Chadwick International. Please browse the many wonderful presentations and jobalikes that are being offered and start creating your schedule. We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday, November 18.


John Zola

Boulder Valley School District
Boulder, Colorado
John Zola

John Zola spent 32 years as a high school social studies teacher; most recently at New Vista High School, a “break the mold” public high school in Boulder, Colorado.  He also was Director of School and University Partnerships at the University of Colorado School of Education.  Throughout his career, John developed interactive teaching materials and trained colleagues in active learning strategies and Socratic seminars.  He has presented keynote addresses on topics such as critical thinking and numerous workshops that help teachers make the work and voice of students central in the classroom.  John’s sessions are interactive and participatory with a strong focus on practical classroom applications. 

Friday Workshop
Getting Up to Speed with Socratic Seminars: Building Skills
This session is for teachers who are interested in using Socratic seminars in their classrooms and who have support from administration and fellow colleagues to do so.  Those who attend will participate in a Socratic seminar, explore some of the special characteristics of seminars and then engage in a variety of skill building activities. While learning to authentically conduct Socratic seminars takes more than a day, this workshop will give a significant "leg up" on that process. 

Saturday Sessions
Teaching Controversial Issues With Rigor and Balance
Controversial topics and issues surround us--from the daily news to the literature we assign our students.  These issues are “alive” for our students who should learn how to talk about them in a safe classroom environment.  This session will help teachers be more confident and competent in teaching controversial issues.  Effective and engaging strategies for promoting high-quality discussion of contentious issues are modeled, as are techniques for working with parents who might take issue with the issues in our classrooms.

Scored Discussions:  Grading Student Talk
Scored Discussions provide a model for evaluating student participation in structured classroom discussions.  They are also a form of alternative assessment and can be used to facilitate a wide range of learning outcomes while, at the same time, reducing the number of papers a teacher needs to grade.  Scored Discussions can be used in any content area and are applicable for grades K-12.